Lockdown Living Podcast - Episode 2: Living with Loss

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Lockdown Living Podcast - Episode 2: Living with Loss

Many of us are being confronted with loss during this season - whether that be loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of certainty or loss of a way of life.

In episode 2 of Lockdown Living we discuss living with loss and dealing with death. What are ways you can process grief well and support others who are struggling?


Dying Matters. Raising awareness of death dying and bereavement

At a Loss. One-stop-shop for resources and info on other organisations on bereavement

Loss and HOPE is a coalition of organisations who feel passionately about churches of all denominations across the UK being equipped to support the bereaved:

Care for the family bereavement support including training such as Bereavement care awareness days (which Cathy is able to provide),

Untangle Life. Set up recently by 2 young adults - does online groups and info especially suitable for young adults. https://www.untangle.life/

The Loss Foundation. Charity to support bereavement to cancer and now Covid 19. https://thelossfoundation.org/

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