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Let’s be honest, church has an image problem. The church is often viewed as boring and irrelevant, full of hypocrites and…well, you get the idea.

And yet this is not the picture of church that we see in the Bible and it is not our experience either. For sure, our church is not perfect, it’s probably sometimes a little boring and, full of normal people, there’s more than likely the odd hypocrite knocking around...

And yet it’s full of people with extraordinary stories. People who once would never even think of stepping foot in a church building and now love it. It’s full of people who once would say their life was meaningless and purposeless and now claim all sorts of amazing things about God, life and what happens when they die.

Our church is full of ordinary people who love God, love people and love life. Why? Well, why don't you come and find out for yourself? In the mean time, check out some of their stories.

You can also listen to our talks from Sunday on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Who We Are

Every week hundreds of people volunteer hundreds of hours to make New Community Church happen. People from every walk of life working together as part of one big team. Here are a few of our leaders and staff team you might see on a Sunday. (Want to see the whole bunch? Click here)

Our Partnerships

When we open our eyes and look around us, it doesn't take long to realise that there are many things wrong in the world.

We don't just want to observe the problems, we want to play our part in doing something about it and so we are delighted to partner with CompassionInternational Justice Mission and Home for Good, brilliant organisations doing amazing work across the globe.

We also love to partner with other churches locally (through things like Foodbank) and are members of the Evangelical Alliance.

We love being part of something much bigger than ourselves and are members of New Ground, a family of churches across the world that are part of Newfrontiers.

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