We invite you to join us this Sunday

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We invite you to join us this Sunday

Since the very beginning, our story has been marked by constant change. Over the years we’ve met in different places and at different times; this continues to be true!

As current restrictions lift, our Sundays will begin to look a little different.

10.30 Livestream

We have streamed our Sunday meetings since March 2020 and will continue to do so via our YouTube channel.

Join us this Sunday from 10:20 by clicking the button below.

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You can also be part of the congregation for the live stream by booking a (free) ticket by clicking the button below. Please read our essential information before you book a ticket.

10:30 Tickets


15.30 In-person only (with children's ministry)

On a Sunday we also have an in-person-only meeting in the afternoon, with in-person kids church as well. You will need a ticket in order to be able to attend either the main meeting or kids church. Sign up for (free) tickets by clicking the button below.

More details can be found in the Q&A here.

15:30 Tickets


Get involved!

As we return to in-person meetings, there are three ways you can get involved and help.

1. Continue to be flexible! We’ve all had to adapt to new normals over the last year, and that is likely to continue. We will no doubt continue to have to make changes as we move forward. Thank you for your continued patience!

2. Make the most of the opportunity. As we meet as One Church at different times (and for many, in a different place), this is an opportunity to look at church through fresh eyes. As meetings will be smaller, we all have an opportunity to participate more, to contribute, to use our gifts, to serve in a new way, to build up the body. Even something as simple as being prepared to go to church at a different time of day to when you’ve gone in the past will help build the church.

3. Get involved serving. As we return to in-person gatherings there are two things going on; (1) the need to serve these gatherings and (2) the opportunity to reshape what things look like. We are looking for everyone to get involved in whatever way they can. Specifically on Sundays we’re looking for people to serve our children, play in worship bands, be part of tech teams, and host teams. We appreciate that not everyone is able, but if you are, head over here and get involved!

For a full list of questions and answers about Sunday meetings see here.

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