Ukraine: 3 ways to respond to the crisis

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Ukraine: 3 ways to respond to the crisis

What can we do when faced with the scenes we currently see on our TV screens and social media feeds? Here are 3 ways to respond to the crisis in Ukraine;

1. Get informed

As a family of churches we have many connections with churches in Ukraine. We've been sent a number of new videos and updates from the region (you will find all the old posts below)

In the first video, Irina shares her experience of fleeing Kyiv, and finding safety at the Slavic Mission in Kraków. In the second, Michael and Julie who were first displaced from their home in 2014, and have now become refugees for the second time in a decad share their story from the safety of Kraków.

2. Pray 

Colossians 4:2 says Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. Let us continue to be praying for the situation in Ukraine. As well as praying for peace, let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the region;

> Pray for energy and strength - people are working so hard! 

> Pray for the refugees that they find places to settle. 

> Pray that as they do it will be like Acts 8:1-4 

> Pray for ongoing financial provision as they serve more and more refugees.

3. Give

There are different ways you can give;

Catalyst Churches are coordinating financial giving on behalf of Newfrontiers churches in Ukraine;

Bank:                   Cooperative Bank,

Account name:    Catalyst Network of Churches

Sort Code:           089299

Account number: 65626678

Reference: Ukraine

IBAN code: GB24CPBK08929965626678

Child Aid, a charity who work with vulnerable children in Eastern Europe.

IJM. International Justice Mission's Ukraine appeal.

Local donation points. There are a number of charities and community groups working to support people in Ukraine.

Sanctuary Foundation

As a church we have signed up with the Sanctuary Foundation who are working to assist the development and acceleration of a new humanitarian sponsorship programme for Ukrainian refugees.

Previous Updates

Below is an update from Valentina Sokolovska who leads Everyday Tserkov, and links to two videos; 

Andrey Bonderenko (who leads the Newfrontiers churches in Ukraine, although this video is now a couple of weeks old), 

Dawn of Life Church (Everyday Tserkov’s partner & translator, Rostyslav)

You can also read the Evangelical Alliance’s Responding to the invasion of Ukraine with prayer and action.

Thank you so much for your kind care and prayers, it means the world, especially at this heart-breaking time. It was, and is, such a shock to see how critical everything turned between the countries that are so close to our hearts... I feel deeply hurt and was speechless after seeing the news...casualties already rising...Multiple buildings, key infrastructure facilities and military targets are getting destroyed...

5 million estimated to flee from Ukraine for their lives to save their children, but the roads and bridges are getting blocked fast or destroyed in resistance attempts. Young and old are trapped in fear, cold, increasing lack of supplies, resources and medication, while those who are able to hold the armour are trying to withstand one of the largest armies in the world. Russian and Ukrainian people don’t want war, as we see many Russian people trying to oppose the aggression together with the rest of the world...

The desperation is growing and we cry out to God to stop the war and to save our people in Jesus name. Our hope is in God alone, the Living Hope, the source of all Peace and Comfort, Thank you and Church family so much


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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