The Attic (Watch Video)

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The Attic (Watch Video)

Recently we decided to narrow the target audience of our church website hugely to perhaps surprisingly the un-churched communities that surround our venues in South East London.

Depending on your church context this is either a wildly refreshing or completely ridiculous thing to do but for us it has enabled us perhaps for the first time to be very deliberate in every decision we make. By removing the 'catch-all' mentality we adopted for years we can now be much more confident that the language, tone of voice and visuals we use are appropriate for our audience.

Which brings me to launch of The Attic.

The Attic is a very deliberate attempt to create a very different kind of church welcome video. It doesn't try to paint a perfect picture of what to expect on a Sunday, it doesn't try to express a snapshot of how diverse the church or fit all of vision and values into less than two minutes. It's not trying to convince you that this church is better than the one down the road.

It doesn't do those things because what we are finding is that not everyone that lands on our pages is in that place. Not everyone is ready or is even thinking about coming to church on a Sunday. And to be honest the purpose of our website isn't to convince someone they should come on a Sunday at all. The purpose of our site is to move on in their journey of discovering who Jesus is.

The heart behind The Attic is to do just that. To help the user know, whoever they are, however they ended up on our pages that before they explore any further, there is a Father who already loves them and invites them to be apart of the story.

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