The Rescue (Watch Video)

The Rescue Film Cover

The Rescue (Watch Video)

Everywhere we look, we seem to see something talking about a ‘Story’, or ‘the Story’; it’s the latest way of describing something that connects with us deeply. But why? Well, it’s because it conveys something authentic, something real, something that stirs deep inside of us.

Anyone can sit in a cold church building for forty minutes and hear a history lesson about a bloke called Jesus who lived about 2000 years ago. But what turns those forty cold, hard minutes of history into a living, personal, engaging reality? The difference is the power and authenticity of story you hear and the way in which it’s told. No one can argue with your story; after all it’s your story, your experience, your reality.

In the studio we have a desire to get better at telling and re-telling stories, which has caused us to look at expressing stories through short films. One such film and our latest project is ‘The Rescue’.

The Rescue is the story of a lady in our church called Leila. It’s our attempt to capture and celebrate some of the amazing things that Jesus has done in her life

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